Throughout my career I provide Human-Centered Design (HCD) Thinking & Methodologies in current tech-focus and feature-driven economy. It's my passion to shift our mindset into a human-focus and value-driven economy. I advocate for Job-To-Be-Done (JTBD) methodology; persona methodology is limited and excludes all users.

HCD delivers inclusive design to the people who consume our product and inclusive decision-making among team members who deliver it. My style of problem solving is inspired by John Maeda’s observations and other great heroes on Twitter.

“If you only see one solution to a problem, you don't understand the problem.”
Digital Wallet mobile application - Balance view of statistics how much you've spend in the last month.
Digital Wallet mobile application - Modal view about the graph detail from the balance screen.
Digital Wallet mobile application - View of digital cards and identifications in a wallet.

Digital Wallet

2020 • Self – Project

The latest trend in financial apps to have a digital wallet with abilities to exchange digital currency among business and your friends. It’s great to access your finance from anywhere, yet how might we make money spending to be helpful as we plan for the future?

Connected Room TV display of the home screen accessing entertainment and smart room things.

Connected Room Guest Experience

2018 – 2020 • Hilton Hotels

TV interface to access TV stations, streaming apps, and room devices, such as, a thermostat. Building a contactless experience using your mobile phone to view an In-Room Directory and access your favorite apps to stay entertain across any Hilton Hotel Brands.

Connected Room SaaS Platform monitoring IoT Devices. Responsive Web laptop.View of Responsive Web for phone and tablet.

Connected Room SaaS Experience

2019 – 2020 • Hilton Hotels

Software monitoring thousand properties’ IoT devices and TV performances. Building a platform to track performance issues and build predictive part failure like your HVAC unit or a streaming app and when to schedule maintenance visits before guest arrival. Its' other functionality is tracking and labeling rooms for easy deployment ie. hardware installations.

Wemo smart home mobile application - Home screen displaying suggestion card
Wemo smart home mobile application - Dimmer control screen with color hue adjustments.
Wemo smart home mobile application - create a schedule screen with options how to end the schedule.

Smart Home IoT Devices

2018 • Belkin Wemo

Mobile phone application to remotely control your lights and appliances. Building a solution to introduce schedules for consumers not familiar with home systems that respond to a phone’s location, weather, sunrise & sunset, and other events.

Netcam security camera mobile application - Home screen with a list of camera views.
Netcam security camera mobile application - Camera view with a timeline to scroll through past events.
Netcam security camera mobile application - notifications of events around the neighborhood and people detection.

Home Security Camera

2018 • Belkin Netcam

Mobile phone application to remotely monitor activity around a home owner’s property. The ability to keep real-time information of activities in the neighborhood using the same brand or community partners. Consumers can edit their timeline to auto-tag persons, objects, and animals with quick filters.

Wemo Hardware Experience

2015 – 2018 • Belkin Wemo

2nd generation Wemo products. Defined UX specifications of LED behaviors and firmware logic across a user journey: setup, voice, automations, and manual control. Provided additional support to clarify usability and intuitive interact i.e. brightness level, on-off states, and connection issues.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."
Observed on a wall

Gwendolyn Frederick  •  Portfolio 2020