Sketching an Idea

What if a kitchen timer becomes the timer for the home? The primary business case for this product is to build a API that is diverse to work with many partnerships. Connect this timer with a stove, laundry, vacuum cleaner, Television, Game Console and soon this will keep track of time spent using all your smart devices.

UI Screen Exploration

 Many electronic hardware design is still disconnected between the hardware and software design. The goal is to balance both the physical cosmetic of the hardware and the animations of the timer to feel unify. The hardware extends out like an hourglass profile while the screen is still in the manufactured design of a rectangle.

Primary Scenario

Before it is connected to all smart devices. It's primary purpose to track your cooking activities. With a sensor detecting a scent, it can inform others remotely when to come home. The device will also detect and notify if the user is not paying attention. Consumers may have other tasks or simply forget what they are cooking.

Wireframe Prototype

A clickable prototype to inform how the user programs their Digital Timer from the app. These are wireframes to express a suggested flow. Graphics and Animationa will be necessary in the next step of the process to add in magic.

Logic Diagrams

A tool for designers and engineers to stay on the same intended user experience path. It will inform the primary path for most users, and branches for those who may experience technical or compatibility issues.

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