Ribbon Screen with Multi-Touch Keyboard. User can swipe within the Ribbon to switch programs without interrupting their full screen experience. Notifications or background videos/music are displayed on the ribbon to keeping the experience on the main screen minimal.
When the Laptop is closed, the ribbon screen is exposed to display any background programs running such as music and notifications. Conductive charging occurs when placing a phone on top.

Keyboard Interface

  1. The software themes is connected to the keyboard's RGBs. The user can select a color for their keyboard to match the ribbon screen interface.
  2. Tap the file icon to review your history of files on the current program.
  3. Scroll bar replaces the home, end, page up, and page down keyboard buttons. The user can easily glance where they are located with the RGB indicator. User will slide or tap on the bar to move through a document or web page.
Scroll side to side to launch programs and control widgets.
Multi-task to switch between programs and view message details.
Place all the program's tools in the ribbon screen to minimize the main screen interface.
Pitching is a shortcut interaction to access tools from different categories.
Keyboard can detect one finger or two fingers taps on a keyboard.
Two-finger tap will create a new file, open a program, or add content into a program.
Two-finger tap will save or bookmark to a user's cloud account.
Two-finger tap will enable search to find website, programs, files, and notes.
Two-finger tap allow user to switch between programs and widgets on the Ribbon Screen.

Interaction Storyboard

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